Why should you use Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are always a good idea and a high-earning return on investment. Facebook has so many tools to help businesses scale and make sales. Facebook Ads are unlike other ad managers. It’s a shortcut to attracting high-intent customers to your website or social platforms! But only if it is done the right way. Using Facebook ads has many benefits for your business. Not only can you publish and manage your ads across the Facebook feed itself, but you also have the opportunity to publish them on Instagram. The Ads Manager has an all-in-one dashboard to manage your campaigns all in one place.

Here are some benefits of setting up Facebook Ads correctly:

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 • Connection with a vast audience  

What if your potential customers know what they want, but do not know how to search for it? Sometimes you can not wait for them to find you. You have to show up at their doorsteps. With Facebook Ads, you can easily target and appear on your target audience’s feed. Knowing their interests, occupations, searches, and intentions to target them and show your ads on their feeds. It is as simple as putting yourself in your potential customer’s shoes. If they would be interested in your product or service, what other interests would they have? Where would their income come from? It is imperative to research these factors before launching your ads and spending your money.

 • Increase engagement and traffic  

One of the greatest salesmen once said: “Just Show Up.”, and it works.

Once the right content shows up at the right front door, the money is halfway in your pocket. Facebook Ads could also help generate and increase engagement and traffic to your main business website. Before you start creating your ad you need to pick an objective. If that objective is to generate traffic to your website and increase engagement, then Facebook ads can optimize your ads to promote exactly that. Create multiple ads with different “objectives.” and monitor which one brings you the best results. You can also do A/B split testing then Facebook will monitor these metrics for you. With these results, you can make a much more calculated choice of which ad you want to use.

 • Remarketing tool  

Firstly, take note of what might catch your audience’s attention. However, if you want people to take action, you have to remind them that you’re here with a deal they can not refuse!

Facebook Ads have a feature to help you re-market to your potential clients. They do this by looking at people that have previously engaged with your content, page, or website. If you have a Facebook pixel in place for your website, you can use that to track potential customers across the internet. Using this data, you can restructure your ads to attract those potential customers to come back to your website and complete their purchases. Make Facebook Ads your best investment ever! There is a lot to learn and organize. We have a team of experts to help you through the whole process.

Using the Facebook ads manager can be daunting at first glance, but it isn’t as hard as you might think. We hope these tips were helpful and you are able to get cracking on your first ad! If not, we are more than willing to have a call and discuss how we can help you implement Facebook ads in your business today.

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