TOP 5 “Digital Marketing Strategy Tips”

Before you launch any campaign you need to have a proper plan or strategy. Otherwise, you are setting yourself up for failure. It would be like painting the floor of a new house without having an exit strategy when the whole floor is wet. Luckily we will share some tips to prevent you from painting yourself into a corner.

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1st: Know what you’re talking about
In order to understand the process of digital marketing optimization fully, you need to know exactly what you are talking about.

There are many self-proclaimed “professionals” out there simply regurgitating what they find on the internet. Without a solid foundation of knowledge of this subject, you easily become lost and in turn confuse your clients.
To provide your clients with an in-depth digital marketing strategy, you need to have broader knowledge than what you find on the first page of Google.

2nd: Develop a POWERFUL Digital Marketing Strategy.
Digital marketing tip number two is to better understand the importance of developing your own powerful strategy and use it to build a fully functional inbound sales funnel that drives sales.

True power lies in the originality of thought. Coming up with your own ideas and presenting them to your client can be quite daunting. More often than not you are left staring at a blank page for hours before coming up with any ideas. The solution is not to copy what others have done, but to be inspired by the methods they have used and to mold those methods into a unique and powerful digital marketing strategy.

3rd: Keep your Digital Marketing Strategy relevant.
The third digital marketing tip is to always keep your strategy relevant to deliver optimal outcomes for your company.

Dwelling on past trends can be detrimental to your digital marketing agency. The first step to developing your digital marketing strategy is to do proper market research.
See what the latest trends are in your client’s market and adapt them to benefit the needs of their campaign. Avoid topics that are outdated and stick to what the research team has provided.

Trends are easier to find than you might think.
Depending on the market of your client, you might even see relevant trends just scrolling through their Instagram feed. More often than not the solution will be right under your nose.

4th: Regularly assess business performance.
Be sure to assess your business performance regularly and truly understand where your business is heading.

Everyone in your team is a cog in a big functioning machine. All the cogs need to mesh together for the desired outcome to be achieved. By not being critical of your team and business’s performance, you can end up hitting some serious roadblocks in productivity. These roadblocks may include lack of motivation, bottlenecking of the workload, and conflict between employees.

5th: Nurture leads through their buyer’s journey.
You need to reach your customers earlier in their buying journey than most companies do. After that, you’ll be able to nurture them towards a conversion.

How many times have you looked at a product, clicked through to the website to add it to your cart, and then just abandoned your purchase completely?

This happens quite often and can be the result of a bad sales funnel created by that store’s digital marketing agency. Cart abandonment is quite common and doesn’t have to be the end of the buyer’s journey.
So after reading this do you feel more confident in developing your own marketing strategy? If not, there is no need to panic. We can develop a tailor-made strategy for you or your clients. Contact us for a FREE 30-minute strategy session with our professional team today. 

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