Lokal Phuket


Lokal is a tropical Eatery, Bar, and Beergarden. Austrian-Thai comfort Food with a modern twist. Perfect for pitchers, platters & pre-drinks. 

Set in the heart of bustling Patong, Lokal is a hidden oasis for travellers and explorers looking for the convenience of being in the middle of all the action, whilst still having a the lush, tropical island holiday experience. Discover the vibrant energy of Patong and use Lokal as a base to explore some of Thailand’s famed sites as you enjoy the best of the island life. Lokal is the transformation and natural progression of the former iconic K-Hotel as we shift generations within their family run business. 

We’ve started from scratch with Lokal and have done branded social media marketing for them. We were also running local Facebook ads campaigns to bring this restaurant more clients and promoted their events. 

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