5 Killer Tactics to Improve Your Business’s Facebook and Instagram

Woohoo! I’m happy to see you here. In the detailed guide below you will find out the 5 killer tactics to boost your business’s social media accounts and help you generate more leads.


By knowing that you are reading this, I can say that you certainly care about your company’s social media progress, and that is already a big step! So before learning the 5 strategies, I invite you to read a short introduction about the importance of a strong online presence in 2021. 


P.s Make sure you read until the end and gather this important info, anyway it’s only a 7-minute read 😉




Social Media in the digital age is the life-blood of any business or organization.


The fact is that 4.48 billion people (56.8% population) are active on social media for over 2 hours and 30 minutes daily. Target your customers where they already are.

Official statistics show that 80% of people search up online before visiting the place. So if your business doesn’t have a strong online presence, 8/10 customers will choose others that do. 

Most importantly, your competition is undoubtedly already reaching out to customers through social media, can you afford to stay behind? 

It’s not too late to start building relationships with your audience, creating brand loyalty, and getting people to know about your business. Learn the 5 killer tactics below to help you do it.


5 Killer Tactics to Improve Your Business’s Facebook ad Instagram  


#1 Give before taking 

Before trying to promote your product or service you need to build trust with your following. Nowadays the social media market became so competitive compare to sweet 2018.. People are very cautious about what content they consume and what pages they decide to follow. If you are trying to promote your offers directly in 7/10 cases it wouldn’t work, since users don’t know any history behind your brand, neither do they trust you, so they just will just keep scrolling further. 


In order to build trust and relationships with your potential buyers, you need to identify what your ideal customers are genuinely interested in and depending on that share high-value content that will catch their attention, make them want to read, save, share and follow your posts. Here are some of the examples of how you can give out value:

  • Share Informative Original & Curated Content 

  • Create Checklists 

  • Use Infographics 

  • Give useful tips and advice 

  • Post something motivational that will inspire your audience

  • Host a Q&A to answer all their burning questions

In between sequences of valuable content include promotional/selling posts with your products and services. This will let you gradually move your prospects to buy without directly pushing them. 

#2 Create monthly/weekly contests and giveaways

Running contests and giveaways will bring your brand attention, awareness, increase engagement, and new followers if done right. There are several important steps to take in creating successful giveaways: 


  • Set your goals (What do you want to achieve by running this contest?)

  • Determine your contest type (Depending on your goal determine what action you want users to take. Ex. follow your account, share your posts or stories, sign up with their email, tag their friend, etc.)

  • Pinpoint your budget and prizes (Decide if you’re going to give away product, money, or something else altogether)

  • Understand your audience (Keep in mind that your prize needs to be something relevant to your specific audience so that you’re not attracting entrants that will never convert to customers)

  • Know social media platforms guidelines and rules 

  • Run your contest (Announce it on your chosen social media platform, run ads to increase your reach even further, and cross-promote it on other platforms)

  • Measure results with your agency or by yourself in account insights 

#3 Engage with your audience on a daily basis 

Make your followers feel taken care of and valued by engaging with them as much as you can. What are the ways to keep in touch with your audience?


  1. After they make a purchase from your business or receive your services reach out to them and simply ask how was it.

  2. Like and comment on some of your follower’s posts or similar people to them.

  3. If they have liked or commented on your posts, stories always remember to like them back and answer all the comments.  

  4. If your followers tagged or posted some content with your brand share it and kindly show them your appreciation. 


It is a crucial part of your successful social media, however, it’s also super time-consuming to do it. So I would recommend you to hire a marketer or an agency to help you do it on a daily basis. 

#4 Post consistently at the right time 

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter YouTube – all of these channels look for and favor consistency. This means that they prefer accounts that post regularly. Apart from that, when you post regularly, and especially if you post about the same topics on certain days of the week, your audience will expect and look forward to your content.


In order to find the best time for your posts, you can look into the insights of your account. Usually, it is either in the morning when people are getting breakfast or in the evening around 7 pm once the workday is done. 


The best practice to ensure you post consistently at the correct time is to make a content plan in advance for the next week or month and schedule it. You can do it in Facebook Creator Studio or in other scheduling apps. 


#5 Advertise your brand through sponsored ads

The last one is not exactly a tactic but it is certainly something you should be reminded of. There are dozens of reasons why advertising on social media is efficient and brings huge ROI’s if done by experts. The number of ads spent in the U.S. just in 2021 speaks for itself (48.94 billion dollars). These are some tips to help you if you are doing the ads on your own or to guide your marketer: 


  1. Use Facebook Targeting to Narrow Your Audience, then Write to It

  2. Write Different Facebook Ads for Different People

  3. Stay Focused with One Call-to-Action

  4. Keep it Short and Lead with Value

  5. Use Facebook Retargeting (Seriously, use it)


Before starting to advertise make sure you clarified your goals, learned how to do it from a-z, or and hired an experienced professional to help you.

To Conclude

If you apply all of the previously discussed methods you will definitely achieve great success and get new clients from your Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. The thing is that it requires a lot of time and knowledge to do it right and not waste your budget. So be wise with managing and marketing the social media channels for your business. 

-Axistart team 

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